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I recently installed OpenCart along with vQmod. I had a couple of concerns/questions about the security permissions and I was hope you could help me.
During the install of vQmod you need to change the permissions of "index.php" and "admin/index.php" to 755 before installation. My question is, after installation do I change it back to 644 or leave it be?

I only ask because on the opencart website "Security Practices" it states that the following should be set to 644:
- config.php
- index.php
- admin/config.php
- admin/index.php
- system/startup.php

Therefore I have an overlap between the index.php and admin/index.php in regards to what to set them. I did install vQmod along with a mod, can I safely change the permissions back?




Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:16 am

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Contact Qphoria for these questions.

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