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Prices and rounding v1.5.1.3 & v1.5.2.1

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Prices and rounding v1.5.1.3 & v1.5.2.1

Postby robrob » Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:40 pm

This applies to v1.5.1.3.
When entering a product with price 12,50 to the system, the price is 12.5 on the product page.

When using VAT with this product (19% here), looking at the product price with 3 decimals, the price is 12.495.
The excluding VAT price is 10,50420168067227, rounded to 10,50 in the shop.
When looking at the total sum, including VAT, the total price is 49.98 instead of 50 (4*12,50)

How can I get those prices right?

This applies to v1.5.2.1
After finding this error in, I went to the site and tried, but this is even worse?
I enter 10 for the excluding price. Adding 19% to this, this should result to 11,90.

How ever on the product page the following price is shown:
Price: 9.09€
Ex Tax: 7.64€

Am I getting nuts? Can you help me with this?
Thanks a lot ! :drunk:
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