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ckonig wrote:alright, as a fix this will work out alright.
in general, this is one of the largest problem i see with opencart....
Adding new features all the time is nice, but for a business application, some things might need a little more thinking.
I Agree with you. I need to cancel the order that was "not paid" and return the products to stock.

As we have some actions related to some status - like "define status to allow the download"

Would be nice to DEFINE which of my status will return the products back to stock - i m not talking about faulty product, but about non paid orders.

Our team will work on this treat in this way, i update this topic since we have this solution.

Please feel free to tell me any problems/issues with this solution, thanks!! =)

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Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:01 am
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