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Note: Moved to V3 forum as thats where it should have been posted initially.

- Fresh install of OC
- SSL & SEO URLs are OFF
- On first access to the admin, i was notified to move the storage dir out of the web root, so i selected the automatic option and it completed with success.

Anywhere in the admin where I am supposed to be able to edit an image say my profile, or image for an product option etc, I get a login modal with the message : Invalid token session. Please login again.
When you login again, you get the content of the image selection modal but refreshed as a page so there is no admin site, css, js etc.. just the content of the modal.

Any Ideas?



The image manager content loaded as a page and not a modal as i would imagine it's supposed to be - image-manager-content.png (35.11 KiB) Viewed 958 times


The login modal and message after clicking the option image and the edit icon - login-token.png (47.22 KiB) Viewed 958 times

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Seems to work OK for me. You might be better asking in the section of the forums for version 3. This section is for version 1.5.x.

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