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Qphoria wrote:
ifyouseek wrote:Hey, i couldn't find the difference in these files. I tried replacing the file completely and it still didn't fix the issue. Any ideas. cheers
This is new in 1.4.9:
SELECT * FROM " . DB_PREFIX . "customer WHERE LOWER(email)

I have tried and tried but had no sucess with this, i'm still trying to get login to be case insensitive in 1.4.7. I would pay for the fix as i am sure we are losing customers when they can't' login.

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Hi Qphoria,

In, I have in my settings:

Show Out Of Stock Warning: No
Stock Checkout: Yes

But I am still getting those 3 pesky red asterisks (***). This is definitely going to promote worried phone calls from customers. Please, how can I delete them or keep them from Showing?

Qphoria wrote:
ritey wrote:Think this is a bug, I'm sure if you tried to order a product quantity greater than the stock level it put the red asterisk but also a statement saying what they meant, but in 1.4.7 the checkout doesn't have a message it just displays the asterisk against the product(s)?
This is actually the result of 2 features that I am not sure why they are separate.
There are 2 settings in the Settings area:

Show Out Of Stock:
Stock Checkout:

If you set "Stock Checkout" to NO
and Show out of stock to NO"
then you get the asterisks with no message.

But there is no conceivable reason I can see that you would ever want to not show the reason as it will just confuse people as to why they can't checkout.

So I will just remove the "Show out of Stock" and force the message to show when "Stock CHeckout" is NO and the product is out of stock

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I use OC-v.1.4.7.
When changed from Hostgator to a local webhosting company the following error displayed in the top of the pages:
"Warning: round() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home/mall/public_html/fmshop/system/library/currency.php on line 92"
Moreover, all my diacritics disappeared, beeing replaced with other characters.

I moved the website to

Any help, please ?



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