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I have been running 1.5.4 for a couple years. About 9/03/2014 I started having problems with customers unable to login with their username/password.none of them work. Even if a customer trys to change their password, that don't work either. None of the "ADD TO CART" buttons will add a product to the cart. I tried updating yo the newest 1.5.6 but screwed it all up. Is there a way i can do a fresh install of the newest, but still save my actual customer login names and password file? Is there a way I can save my old store files from 1.5.4, and just overwrite my blank store without adding every item?

I really need some help here...anything is appreciated




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You seem to be talking about a file containing customer login names and passwords, but actually this data is stored in a database (table: customer).

It seems a bit crazy to upgrade an older version of the website with unresolved problem to the latest version. You really should have found the root cause of the problem before making the upgrade. Because now it will be even harder to find the problem. Have you made a backup?

Regarding your question to install a (fresh) newest version of the system but keep the old data:
It is possible, because I have made a successful upgrade from 1.5.4 to 1.5.6 myself.
I have installed fresh installation of 1.5.6, then transferred tpl (template) files and database data from old website manually.
You will have to refactor the old template files to account for any changes in the later version (maybe controllers and models, depending on how complex your template is).
If you have obtained your template form some source, have a look if they have released an updated template for the latest version of OC.

I believe some people use vqmod to assist with upgrades, so hopefully someone will provide this info for you, as I am not a vqmod expert.

When you transfer your old data to a database of the latest OC version, you have to watch out for changes in database tables. A lot of the time new fields are added to tables (in later OC versions), which means that when you insert your old data, you will probably have to set any new fields blank (or some other default value).

Here you can find a discussion on how to import data from old to new database.

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