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I have a mod that I am completely redesigning. Since the database structure will also change in this version I have decided to build it as a completely separate mod. However I am running into some very strange errors. I'm hoping someone can shed some light onto why this would be happening.

Original mod : user_messages
New mod : user_messages_redux

Issue 1
I am saving the settings using the following code.
Old Version : $this->model_setting_setting->editSetting('user_messages', $this->request->post);
New Version : $this->model_setting_setting->editSetting('user_messages_redux', $this->request->post);
Problem: Updating a setting that is shared in both mods updates it for both user_messages and user_messages_redux - All the new settings that are not in the old version update fine.

Issue 2
I am creating the tables using the following code.
Old Version : CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `" . DB_PREFIX . "user_messages` (
New Version : CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `" . DB_PREFIX . "user_messages_redux` (
Problem: Tables will not create or drop if created manually in the DB. I have confirmed that the correct function is executing and that my sql is correct. There is also no issue when querying the manually built tables. Just creating or dropping them.

I would appreciate any help you could give.

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