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Tax on payment, shipping methods and vouchers, coupons

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 3:48 pm
by rokdazone
I was given an assignment a couple of weeks ago to develop/implement a payment integration to a large payment company here in Sweden, and i run into some problem/issues.
  • 1. I discovered that taxes doesn't get logged on payment and shipping methods, only the price exl. tax gets logged in the order_total table. How can i find out the logged tax amount on a payment method or shipping method on any given order? (in retrospect).
  • 2. There seems to be no support for tax on coupons and vouchers in OpenCart at all. Swedish tax rules demands that there is tax specified separatly for stuff like coupons and vouchers on invoices. I realise this is "by design", but still, it would be great if tax could be applied on coupons and vouchers also, those that doesn't wan't it, doesn't need to use it.
Issue number 2 maybe only applies to Sweden and a few other contries, i don't know really.
Issee number 1 seems more general and should apply to most countries.