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E-commerce sighs as selection of goods and store organizing

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 10:22 pm
by goalsurfer
Years ago I started working with e-commerce and now honestly I must admit that yet I didn't sell for much more than a dim. Worse, I just can't start selling because I find that except for a well-functioning e-cart you also need a continuous stream of new products true your store.

Further, it's all studying, studying, and studying again just to decide about every item your wholesaler delivers if you would sell it or not. I'm no pedagogue and thus can't really distinguish a child's oral, anal, and more phase. Worse, they even always prevented me to care for my own children. If you could humans now compare with animals! The animal with cycles most resembling a human is a cow. But does this mean that also the rest of a cow's walk is comparable? I saw baby toys in action on youtube adjacent to the absurd. Maybe they can better test them out on a calf although I thought that NASA as the first was against the use of animals for whatever what in human activities.

Would try out another product give any result? In my opinion, much depends on the SEO value of your domain. Only, I have to experience the first time that my store goes on attracting buyers the day it's really ready. You may not show your store to the public before it's finished I heard from an expert but that's not always possible unless you plan everything from beforehand, from adapting the design to the planning of your directories. Maybe best is working with at least one directory that doesn't become visible to your visitors.

Without recommending anything, who works this way?

Re: E-commerce sighs as selection of goods and store organizing

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 10:48 pm
by goalsurfer
Before considering more wholesalers, I thought to buy a piece of toy to offer. My first worry was if the painting wasn't poisonous, something they don't guarantee about my favourite item, most of these toys have no brand. I was always a fan of Indian clothing in cotton so I thought that could be the solution to my problem. I'll have to research it all much more profoundly. And then there is that red button sewn on the backside of a dress-the-bear-toy of my choice. As if buttons can't get loose. A button when swallowed travels true the digestive system from mouth to anus but once more it is not mentioned in the description if this is included in the educational value of the toy. Why not, maybe it's less shocking than e.g. a trembling big ball with bulges the baby has to put in his mouth. A kind of teether or so. I also don't understand why things in tissue are teethers? All that plush in your mouth, nobody likes it. Why would babies and toddlers do?