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Does anyone understand what a reputable dealer is to the USPS? They say that if you want to submit a claim you need a repair estimate from a reputable dealer but I'm not sure what counts. My laptop screen was damaged in the mail and online repair company sent me an estimate but it says "The estimate is an approximation and is not an exact quote. Once a technician has seen the computer and accessed the damage, an actual quote of repairs can be provided."

Would this disqualify the repair estimate since it was not seen by the technician? Its screen damage so its fairly easy to approximate over the phone.

How does a claims clerk handle claims - do they typically contact the dealers to determine if its reputable and the estimate provided in the quote?

This is what USPS policy says:

Proof of Value, Replacement, or Repair Costs

"Estimates of repair costs from a reputable dealer, or paid repair bills.*A reputable dealer is defined as a licensed business owner who is qualified to estimate value or cost of repairs for the item.* We will not cover repair costs above the original purchase price*.



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While the provided URL documentations do provide good points, I would also suggest to read this one: ... d-shipment

Despite the name "Priority Mail 2-Day," USPS does not guarantee the shipping time of their 2 or 3 day shipping options. They guarantee delivery for only Priority Mail Express shipments, for which you have a Money-Back Guarantee. USPS does not offer this option for their other types of shipments. Click here for more details from USPS on Priority Mail delivery times.

If it is within 30 days of when your Priority Mail Express package was shipped, you may take advantage of your Priority Mail Express Money Back Guarantee. Refunds for Priority Mail Express service failures can only be requested and processed at your local Post Office. Here is some more information about refunds through USPS.

USPS does not offer any coverage on packages shipped internationally via First Class International, or in a Small Flat Rate Box or Flat Rate Envelope
In other words, even though service fees would be charged with their shipping API, USPS does not provide guarantee of success based on the delivery of the product as being on-time especially if a product has been declared defective.

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