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hi dudes,i'm not trying to spam about those guys and i'm not receiving anything from them by saying nice things about them. I'm using their services to host my websites because i'm learning. In case you didn't heard about them,their website is You'll get free hosting with 2.000 MB space,100GB trafic, php and mysql,awesome support,and most important no ads banners or anything.
Just wanned to let u guys know,i know i've been searching a lot for some hosts when i was out of cash,in case u guys are doing the same thing,i hope i helped,cheers.



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Sie stimmen zu unseren Serice nicht zu verwenden um:
...... um personenbezogenen Daten eines anderen Benutzers zu sammeln oder zu speichern .....
The meaning of this is, NOT to collect/save/store USER-related personal data. So, if one has
registered Customers in Shop, it's already against regulations. Further, no Data-Backups,
absolutely no Security, Contract may be terminated anytime without former advise or reason.

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....... Sie stimmen zu, und seine verbundenen Unternehmen, leitenden Angestellten, Direktoren und Mitarbeiter auf eigene Kosten, zu entschädigen .......
This may be a translation error, but, as it is written, ONE WOULD have to agree, that one can be held financially responsible, if one does not FULLY act according TERMS, something, they can change anytime without Customer - pre-Information.



The german Translation leaves a rather mixed impression. Under legal Aspects, one has no rights, whatsoever, they COULD kill one's Shop, if just ONE single copyrighted Picture is placed in a Shop. Bitcoin Skripts, Website-Chat, File-Downloads are no allowed either. This means, one cannot OFFER anything, available by Download, one cannot have CHAT-Mod's installed, and one cannot install BitCoin Payments. The Offer is limited to 2 MySql DB's as well.

Still, if one plans to open a Shop, one should have something to sell. But if one cannot afford to even rent a decent Server, how in the World should one be able to run a (legal) Shop?

From that point of View, it's a fair offer they make, very usable to place a small personal or commercial Website, without anything like Shop, Forum, Chat or whatever, online. And this is, what it should be used for...


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