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to get a little off-topic, that's about my story about Computing:

Everybody got one, it was the time when the Attribute 'Far East Cloning' got popular : ... c=457&st=1

HUGE Floppyies only, 15k $ (today's exchange Rate) spent in total, paid 8K $ for HD wich never came, to throw it away...

The best small thing available then, I hosted/managed up to 30 K Customer Addresses in a BASIC Program. Lot of nightly Jobs by phone-assistance to update the BASIC Code...

Parallel Z-80 (2x8bit) 512KB Ram, (bought 512K more for 1'200.- CHF+) 4 Workstations, 5 endless Paper Needle Printers, all thick serial cable linked, 1MB Ram 10MB HD, cost me about 170 K US$ (compared to today's rate), worked for 5+ Years doing invoicing and Item/Customer- Handling, then was thrown away. Cost me about 175 Grands, exchanged to today. ... i/m40.html

Then, the IBM compatible Personal Computer was born, from the 8088 up to what we use today.

What a Time...!!


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