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Hi everyone,

I thought I would post here first! :)

Basically my hard drive is full of movies right now, and I want to start streaming them so I can watch them on my iPad.

My plan is to create a system where stream all of my movies from a HTML page which will be hosted on my local server (which is also public). All the movies will be stored in a path relative to my streaming app.

I tried using the video tag with HTML5 but there is of course some compatibility issues with some of the video formats. I was wondering if you of you guys know of a HTML player like JWPlayer that will allow me to stream AVI/MKV content on to my iPad using Safari iOS?


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Post by butte » Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:38 am

The html5 audio and video players are both new terrain. You may be (probably are) running into the video counterpart to the audio problem that html5 players easily stream non-proprietary .ogg but not proprietary .mp3, while the mp3 players with corporate money tied up in that file format won't play .ogg, because the good folks who do the non-proprietary browsers opt not to pay corporations in order to use the .mp3 format, and in the other direction the good folks who intend to profit opt not to play open source free formats. You CAN wrap an html player inside JavaScript in order to embue it with various control and appearance niceties as well as cross-browser consistencies, and to draw in playability that the barefoot open source approach will not do alone. Those probable thousands of us who experiment via legal as well as illegal commands with the html5 players are finding various noop-not-that-ways along with wow-it-CANs that will work on, say, Firefox, but whatever does work renders differently among browsers (the appearances can be strikingly different). Probably the incompatibility is unavoidable for the time being unless you do use JavaScript or other means to "hide" or augment the html5 player. Some of those means for audio and for video are actually nifty, but pure html5 will probably not soon work for that, on that device, while straight JavaScript players will work anyway.

Check sourceforge . . .

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Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:58 am
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