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How DUMB are eBay? Opened new eBay shop with them today. Business seller, existing account, former powerseller, 100% feedback. Come to bulk upload listings with Turbo Lister. 'You can only list ten items warning message' WHAT!!! Use online link to increase number. 'You can now upload twenty five items'. All my listings are multi variation options, which means I cannot even upload one single solitary item.

Contact online customer services. "You are charging me for a shop I cannot use". Unsurprisingly they cannot do anything and I have to ring eBay office hours Monday to Friday who may or may not be able to increase that limit. If they can't, I shall be taking them to the small claims court for misrepresenting a product. What sort of dumb ass puts restrictions of the number of items someone can sell in a shop (or even list). when they profit by at least 10 percent for every item sold. Am sure the world has gone absolutely mad. No wonder we are still in a recession everywhere. <rant over>...

Just thought I would bring this to the attention of anyone considering setting up an eBay shop, as NONE of these restrictions are mentioned when signing up for an eBay shop.

Apart from Amazon and Ebid, suggestions for alternative selling venues with decent levels of foot traffic would be appreciated. :)

*** ANOTHER good reason to have your own site with OpenCart and be in control *** ;D

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