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7 things to consider whilst choosing a payment gateway

Fees will vary – businesses in high risk industries will usually have to pay more due to the increased risk of chargebacks & fraud.

Payment gateways must comply with the PCI DSS, which stipulates that all card data must be stored & processed in a secure environment.
If you aren't PCI compliant, not only could you face huge fines, but your business reputation could also be at stake.

Fraud Prevention
There are many features to look for in a gateway which help to prevent fraud including Email Hotlisting, IP Hotlist, BIN Country Hotlist, Device ID Hotlist, Address hotlist, Card Security Code Checking & Address verification.

International Payments
If you want to expand internationally, you’ll need to be able to accept various currencies & offer multi-language support.

Payment Types
It is vital to offer as many payment options as you can, making sure you include options like Paypal, Apple Pay, & Google Pay.

Ideally, you’ll want a payment gateway that lets you view your reports on the go, with a mobile-ready interface.

Customer Support
Issues with your payment gateway can jeopardise revenue, so you’ll want to be sure that your provider will be responsive & solve any issues promptly.

Payment Processing (Ecommerce / Virtual Terminal / Pay By Link / Card Machines)
Process payments from as low as 0.4%. Next Day Settlement in most cases.
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