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If you are using VSCode then "Opencart Code snippets" visual studio code extension can be helpful for the developer. ... ocsnippets

All snippets start with oc. Some of the snippets are:

PHP page supported snippets:
occ : It creates a new Controller class
ocm : It creates a new Method or function
occm : It creates new starter Model class
ocl : It creates new variables for language files
ocprf : It creates print_r with pre

Twig page supported snippets:
oct : It creates starting template layouts in twig files
octfor : It creates for loop in twig files
octif : It creates if statement in twig files
ocbtn : It creates button markup
ocimg : It creates image markup
ocbc : It creates breadcrumbs loop in twig files

OCMOD XML page supported snippets:
ocmod : It creates OCMOD XML code boilerplate
ocmodf : It creates OCMOD XML code boilerplate for files only

More at ... xtensions/

Let us know if need to add any other


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