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I am here because PP shut down all my accounts, they said i violated their policy, i was selling on ebay console add ons and development boards, nothing illegal and ebay were fine with it, i found my business stopped overnight so i decided to setup shop myself without ebay or PP.

I had a scout around and found opencart, i know little about setting this up and need to get up and running as soon as possible so i opted to purchase with A2 hosting, this is all set up and domain is registered, however, i am completely lost as to where i start making my online shop and start filling it with the few lines of product i sell, i want to be able to offer payment by credit card so i need to know how i go about setting this up, i looked at worldpay and they offer a pay as you go option which looks ideal for the volumes i was selling, it would work out cheaper than ebay and PP fees combined.

If anyone can show me where to start or point me in the right direction i would be grateful, i thought that i would be using opencart to make my shop but not sure where i should be doing this, here or on A2 hosting, any other pointers or advice to get up and running quickly so i can start selling again.

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Well, you basically have two choices, either to get someone, to set up your
Shop, or then, do it yourself. If you want it done, then it will, depending on
your Custom Extension Plans, may add to to some hundred US-Dollars,
so, it will pay out, to first play around with a sample Shop, and some sample
extensions, before you run into a massive bill.
Or then, try to find out first, what it takes, and get familiar with OC, it will
save you from spending lots of money, but it will take some time, until you
found out the most important things about OC.
Some of the mode 'hidden' parties around here will probably offer you some
cheap installations, but better make sure, not to select one of the 'unreachables',
hiding behind bushes, since even the OC Web of full of sneaker, cheaters,
and other individuals, just looking for a fast Buck, and nothing else to it ...
But you'll probably know about this already ... :laugh:
Good Luck ;)

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