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My company is using Opencart This site has been sitting here for years doing nothing and I am attempting to get it updated and useful once again. When setting up a product, under Data, in the Model box, we have our 'item number' or product number. How do I get the information in the Model box to show on the site - or how do I get the product number to show when customers are viewing our product? I have viewed several of your topics and can't find anything related; looked at many site pages and don't see where any type of product code shows or is displayed.
My only other option is to go back through over 2000 items and type in the product code in the description title. There has to be an easier method. Please help!
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Post by straightlight » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:32 pm

I don't really understand why this topic has been created in the FAQ section since your post is about a request. However, in more recent OC versions, the model has been integrated in order to be seen in the product detail page.

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Post by IP_CAM » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:13 am

Well, this Extension should be of help, by adding Values to Listing and Product Pages in OC v.1.5.6.x
and working with Default Themes. Responsive Themes might need some slight changes, to function!
Product Display Settings vqmod ... on_id=5169
And if you still use the OC Default Administration, without Extensions, try this,
to make much of AdminHandling much easier:
Admin Dashboard, Products, Category & Filemanager Enhancements ... n_id=16102
Good Luck ! ;)

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