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Hello! I'm new to the opencart and wanted to ask few questions regarding to built-in affiliate system.
As I understand if you create affiliate link you need pass `tracking` parameter with it.
Question nr 1: Is there any way to add additional parameters? For example. User ID/location, etc.
And question nr 2: Is there any way how to get a affiliate reports via API?

For example we got a client (e-shop) who got opencart. We got an affiliate account, unique tacking code.

We put that tracking code in our website, with additonal info (like user_id from our page)
Afterwards with interval we request api call from clients e-shop and it returns all data about our affiliate orders?
id, order_nr, date, (custom field that we passed (user-id).

Right now I can't find anything. Neither there is any info about that in docs.



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we got a client (e-shop) who got opencart
Well, if you found nothing, neither on Google, nor around here, then, nothing exists.
You'll therefore have to get in touch with an OC Pro, i.E., by placing such a Posting in the
commercial OC Forum Section. But if you do this, better don't forget to mention the OC
Version and Themes used, it's like in any technical place here, without Figures and Facts,
there is nothing to expect... ::) , if it sounds like: I have a Windows and need a Mod :laugh:

I don't use Forum Mail, to reach me, contact:
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