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When purchasing something from the extension store....

1. First search the comments area for any "Pre-Purchase" questions. Many questions may be common and already answered. If your question was not asked/answered, you may ask your question on the comment area.

2. After purchase, if you need support, you should try to find a support email in the extension's readme file. Many support issues are specific to your site setup, so it doesn't make sense to ask it openly on a public forum or comment board. That also hurts the developer because if it isn't an issue and just something you needed adjusting, the comment may scare off future purchasers because they think there is a problem when there isn't. It also means the developer has to take time cleaning out old, irrelevant questions from the comments area, taking time away from helping you and developing new stuff. Plus most future customers don't want to sift through pages of unrelated questions and answers that are specific to your particular issue.

3. If the developer does not answer his support email within 48 hours, then you may escalate to using the "Request Support" link on the extension page. This will open a support ticket with OpenCart staff and they will attempt to contact the developer.

4. If the developer still does not reply within 48 hours, then and only then you may make a comment explaining the issue and your distaste for the lack of support. You may also down rank the mod and request a refund.

To recap:
  • The extension store comments area is NOT for general support requests except as a last resort.
  • The forums should not be used except as a last resort or if the developer has specifically setup a support thread
  • Request Support link is only used when direct contact could not be made with the developer first

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