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Want a second (or third, or fourth) flat rate for your site? Here's how to do it using the built-in Weight Based Shipping extension.

1. In System > Localisation > Geo Zones, set up a duplicate geo zone for each flat rate that you want. For example, if you wanted these three shipping options available to the U.S.:

  • Standard: $5.00
  • Express: $12.00
  • Next-Day: $18.00
then you would create three geo zones with the United States selected as the country, named "Standard", "Express", and "Next-Day".

2. In Extensions > Shipping > Weight Based Shipping, create the following rates:[/size]

  • Geo Zone: Standard
  • Rates: 999999:5.00
  • Geo Zone: Express
  • Rates: 999999:12.00
  • Geo Zone: Next-Day
  • Rates: 999999:18.00
More tutorials are available at

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