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Q: What information do I need for UPS shipping?
How to configure UPS shipping module?

The UPS extension uses an online rate lookup. This means it connects to the API that UPS offers to retrieve up-to-the-minute rates directly from their site, and then displays them on your cart during checkout. This ensures customers are paying exactly the right amount.

The process works by the UPS extension using the information it has about the cart:
total weight, dimensions, insurance options, allowed services, weight unit, etc
It passes that data to UPS, and UPS returns the rates based on that info.

To use the extension, you will need to get the free UPS Developer Kit:

After signing up, you will be given the following:
- Developer XML License key
- UPS Account Number

You will use that along with other location based data like:
- Origin City
- Origin Postcode
- Origin Zone/State/Region
- Origin Country

After entering all that into the configuration area of the UPS extension, you should be able to see rates being returned during checkout.


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