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Q: Why do I get "Error: No shipping options available" when I checkout
Why do I have no shipping options?

"Error: No Shipping options are available" can happen for a few reasons:
  • No shipping modules are enabled or configured
  • Shipping modules are not enabled for the customer geozone. See geozone help
  • Shipping modules that use table rates either aren't set across the range that the product falls into.
    --- Weight based shipping with a max configured weight rate of 100lbs, but the cart weight is 100.01 or more
    --- Subtotal based shipping with a max configured total rate of $500, but the cart total is 500.01 or more
  • Live rate options that fail to return rates because the address is invalid, or no rates exist for that origin/destination
  • Product has a 0.00 weight and doesn't fall into any weight scenarios

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