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Set Category, Product n Information Spesific Template

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:40 pm
by qahar
In this tutorial we will learn on how to make spesific template for Category, Product and Information. Some post forum already mention this with various method, but I try to use the simplest method.

And before we continue, I want to clarify that Template refer to .tpl file on Opencart theme. Regardless the theme you use, word "template" refer to .tpl file.

What we want to achieve here?
  1. Load spesific template for category, product and information based on the id.
  2. If spesific template is not available, then use the general template. ex. category.tpl, product.tpl, information.tpl
  3. The same thing applied to load stylesheet spesifically.
In this tutorial I only show you how to achieve with Category, and the same method is applied for Product and Information. And you can download the vQmod file that already modificate the Category, Product and Information at bottom of the page.
  1. Open catalog\controller\product\category.php
  2. Load spesific template:

    Code: Select all

    // FIND :
    if (file_exists(DIR_TEMPLATE . $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/product/category.tpl')) {
        $this->template = $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/product/category.tpl';
    } else {
        $this->template = 'default/template/product/category.tpl';
    // REPLACE :
    if (file_exists(DIR_TEMPLATE . $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/product/category_'.$category_id.'.tpl')) {
        $this->template = $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/product/category_'.$category_id.'.tpl';
    } elseif (file_exists(DIR_TEMPLATE . $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/product/category.tpl')) {
        $this->template = $this->config->get('config_template') . '/template/product/category.tpl';
    } else {
        $this->template = 'default/template/product/category.tpl';
    /* Explanation :
    1. The code will search spesific template based on it ID. ex: category_18.tpl.
    2. If the spesific template is not available, Opencart will use the general template of active theme (category.tpl).
    3. If the template of spesific theme is not available, Opencart will use template from default theme.
  3. Load spesific stylesheet:

    Code: Select all

    // FIND :
    // PUT BEFORE :
    if (file_exists(DIR_TEMPLATE . $this->config->get('config_template') . '/stylesheet/category_'.$category_id.'.css')) {
        $this->document->addStyle('catalog/view/theme/' . $this->config->get('config_template') . '/stylesheet/category_'.$category_id.'.css');
    /* Explanation :
    1. The code will search spesific stylesheet based on it ID. ex: category_18.css.
    2. If the spesific stylesheet available then load it, if not then do nothing.
  4. Example of folder structure:
    • stylesheet/
      • stylesheet.css
      • product/
        • category.tpl
      • information/
        • information.tpl

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Re: Set Category, Product n Information Spesific Template

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:22 pm
by Avvici
Nice one man. Just saw this tut.