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Q: How do I use Reward Points?

A: Reward points are new in 1.5.x and can be configured on a per-product basis.
Reward points can be claimed on the "Shopping Cart" page under the totals.

The Reward Point system is only visible if it meets a conditional steps:
  • Extension->Order Total->Rewards Points is Enabled
  • Customer has reward points assigned
  • The product(s) in the cart is allowed to be purchased with reward points
You set the amount of reward points a product gives upon purchase in the product edit area under the "Rewards" tab on a per customer group basis.
You also set how many points are needed to purchase the item, if any, on the same tab.

Customers can see their reward points on the shopping cart page:

rewards-cart.png (26.53 KiB) Viewed 26151 times

As well as their account page:

rewards-account.png (19.4 KiB) Viewed 26151 times

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