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Hi All,
What is your favorite payment method on Open Cart for processing credit card payments? We currently use but I am wondering if there is a better payment processing extension that doesn't have a monthly fee or require the customer to have an account on another website (such as PayPal). I know transaction fees are basically unavoidable, but I am looking for something that is cheaper overall. I've been looking into Stripe and Amazon Pay, but their customer service hasn't been very helpful. Does anybody know if Stripe can be added to an Open Cart website and if it is good for processing credit/debit payments (mostly in the US)?



Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:21 am

Post by Johnathan » Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:49 am

Yes, Stripe can be used with my Stripe Payment Gateway extension. I use Stripe myself, and really like them --- their admin dashboard is well laid out, and everything in there is easily searchable. Their API is also very well designed, though that only matters to developers and not end-users.

If you decide to go with Stripe, feel free to take a look at the screenshots and demo site, and if you're interested let me know at if you have any further questions.

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