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Hello all!

To use this script:
1.stick the .xml file in your vqmod/xml directory
2. add new CSS to your CSS file as shown below:
#menu #TOP_LINK_NAME > a {

NOTE: remove all spaces from your category name in your CSS ID identifier:
e.g. for category name 'My Little Pony' the correct CSS is:
#menu #MyLittlePony > a {

3. Rinse & Repeat for every desired link!

How It works:
It quite simply strips the whitespace from each category name going into the top menu and makes the resultant string the ID of the <li> element used to format the links. In this way its possible to edit quite a few different things in order to format each link uniquely and even its submenu links, using CSS.

I made this script quickly in order to achieve a specific effect on my clients Website, we intend for his actual bio to be on the website (the bio is set as an information page which has been added to the top menu via another vQmod) and after discussions with the client about the websites objectives, I thought it would be a good idea to make the link stand out. The script is not comprehensive, nor do I intend to extend any functionality

Please let me know if you used/liked this mod so that I bother to put up my other scripts!


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This looks cool - thanks for the share IndigoZen ;D


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show me some sample...

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