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Has anyonone succeded in integrating with Kunaki ( for distribution of CD's/DVD's?

I'm fairly new to Opencart and I'm planning to sell CD's and downloaded Mp3's.
By using Kunaki you can have them distribute the CD's after a successful order/payment.

Kunaki offers three types of requests you can make:

1 - Retrieve a list of shipping options for a particular order and address. You send a list of products with quantities, country, state, and zip code. The Kunaki service will respond with a list of shipping options, estimated delivery times, and shipping costs for the order.

2 - Send an order to manufacture and fulfill. You send the name of the recipient and address, the desired shipping mode, the product ids and quantities. The Kunaki service will respond with an order id.

3 - Retrieve the order status for an order id. You send an order id and the Kunaki service will respond with an order status that lets you track the order. If the order is shipped with UPS or Fedex you also receive a shipping tracking number.

If you would like to integrate their XML based API with Opencart (as described at, I guess you have to add some new Kunaki-based functions for shipping and payments?

How would you go about it, and what parts do you have to change and/or add?

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hello, I created a woo-comemrce plugin for the kuanki api, but i could translate it to opencart. find it at and the



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