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I have a special request from a customer regarding an eCommerce website project and I'm checking if all requirements are possible thanks to open cart. The 2 specific features are :

1) birth list : idea is to have a module who allow customer to create their own birth list with website products of course and manage it : add/remove producst, share list with friends etc.... . Is it possible with opencart? Or possibility to develop it?

2) stock synchronisation : the main products stock in website but there is also a physical shop. when a sale is done from the physical shop, on-mine sotck (website) have to be updated. Is it possible with opencart? Or possibility to develop it?

Also, all the sales, add to cart etc...have to be tracked and followed throught Google Analytics.
Does opencart can work with transactionnal Google Analytics ?

What's your opinion?


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Basically yes to all 3 points.
But not without custom development.

The easiest is #1: like the current wishlist
#2 depends which software is used in the physical store and if able to export/import

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