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Does anyone know if it's possible to Sync item quantities and prices with a PHP based point of sale.
Since both Opencart and the Point of sale use MySQL databases to store their info I think it should be fairly easy to do.
Maybe by sharing the same SQL database, or by transferring data between 2 databases with a Cron Job of some kind?
Product feeds may also be able to help.

Would this be possible at all?

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If they're both using MySQL then I don't see why not. I set up a shop for someone that uses OpenCart for the website and talks to their proprietary till/POS with an automated hourly export using "Database Tour" ( for anyone that needs a one-stop client for different databases - it's cheap and the developer's a very nice chap).

If both databases are on the same tech and you have a user that has permissions on both databases, it should be much easier. Especially if you're just adding products to each system by hand, trusting them to match and just modifying price and quantity. OpenCart doesn't use innoDB features, but it'll work happily in an innoDB environment - if your POS does as well then you could enclose the whole sync process into a stored procedure with a nice and safe transaction.

One thing that might be worth noting before you start is that it's probably worth doing the whole thing in MySQL with a few transition/staging/validation tables and your own scripts rather than using the functions in OpenCart (some of which will drop and recreate an entry and might potentially bugger up ID matching between different systems) or the POS system (which might have the same problem).

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Actually i cooperate with Point of sale systems NJ, who work all around the USA. They have such an opportunity that you are asking about. I think you need to contact them and they will provide all the necessary info.
Hope I could help you:))



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