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Hello, we at ShineWeb have developed a webservice integration between Memnon Network and OpenCart.

Memnon Apport TM is the market leading system for transport booking and transport administration in the Nordic countries, but can be used all across the world. Memnon have over 100+ connected carriers (DHL, Schenker, DSV, UPS, GEODIT Wilson). Memnon Apport TM is currently used in over +75 countries.

We are interested to push it into the OpenCart source code for free, but are unsure if just pushing it into the the GitHub is the best method to do this. We are currently converting the sourcecode to apply to the OC2.x framework code standard.

Anyway, our integration is built as a OpenCart shipping module and greatly reduces the work of booking transports.
With our solution you can book transport with a click of a button instead of the cumbersome work of transfering customer and shipping data manually. The integration itself is the official solution approved by Memnon Networks.

We really thinks this would be a great contribution as OpenCart currently seems to lack any real TMS integration for booking of shippings. This would surely make Opencart more interesting as a platform for larger companies and improve scalability a lot.

We would like to like to start a discussion about this and are adressing the developers especially.
Is this interesting? and should we just contribute the code to the OC2 source on GitHub whenever we feel that the code is ready? What is the planned release of OC2.x, is it just arond the corner or is it maybe several months from now?

We have included some documentation (PDF-file with some screenshots). It's in Swedish only right now, but it gives you a feeling of how it works (OC1.5.x screens only).

Read more about Memnon Networks:

Best regards.

Joakim Ljungh


Documentation (swedish only)

OpenCart extension and templates developer. Working for Shine Webb AB in Sweden. Feel free to PM/contact me if you are in need of an extension or a template.

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