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Using OC, Journal2 and "Automatic Update/Import/Syncrhonize Feed CSV, XML, TXT" from dropshipwarrior.
Works ok, but still have one problem. Dropshipwarrior points to the supplier (of the xml feed) and visa versa.

The field Description starts in the xml feed with “ and ends also with “
Example field:
<uitgbr_omschrijving>"<p> <b>Transcend TS8GJF300 USB Flash Drives USB 2.0</b> 8GB JetFlash 300</p><p>The ultimately compact JetFlash 300/330 is simple, streamlined and stylish. It features a glossy outer case embellished with an adorable color band, and a bright LED indicator that flashes during data transfer activity. Moreover, with large storage space and weighing just 8.5g, the JetFlash 300/330 makes it easier than ever to carry as much data as possible anytime, anywhere. </p> Key Features <br>- Extremely slim and portable <br>- Lanyard / key ring attachment loop<br>- Choice of black (JF300) or white (JF330) designs<br>- Exclusive Transcend Elite data management software<br>"</uitgbr_omschrijving>

That make it a problem for Opencart because it now writes text <meta name="description" content=""<p>Patriot&#8217;s LX Series UHS-I compatible MicroSDXC flash memory cards offer blazingly fast performance for the ultimate storage upgrade for HD camcorders and mid-range cameras. These memory cards are Class 10 certified and meet the latest SD Associa" /> and is vissible in the upper left from the webpage
See : ... ass10_6641

any idea how to fix this, not manually, because this involves 6000+ items changing

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Post by IP_CAM » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:46 am

By checking your Browser Source Code, you would have found out, that your
</head> and <body .... > Tag's are placed even above META TAG Lines,
followed by a lof of CSS and Code. Just to give you some hints, where you screwed up! :D
Good Luck ! I can't assist on Journal stuff, just to mention it.

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