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Just released is a new Forum Extension for Opencart with the following features and more coming soon.

1 . Categories and sub categories.
2 . Admin can edit , delete posts.
3 . Admin can Pin or Lock posts.
4 . Date format can be set using the PHP standard date format globally.
5 . Users can subscribe to posts and be notified via email.
6 . Forum can be disabled from Admin.
7 . Admin can force users to login to read posts.
8 . Who's Online - Shows total users on forum/forum page & total users browsing category on forum/forum_category pages. ( Username or full name )
9 . Customers can upload an Avatar via their My Account section.
10 . Customers can add a Forum username via the My Account section. If none is selected then the full name is used.
11 . Forum Search.
12 . Admin can now post / Reply and modify as user Administrator.
13 . Sub Forum topic and post totals are displayed now.
14 . Admin can now set username and avatar in admin forum settings.
15 . Short descriptions can now be added for category listings and allow the following html tags :
16 . Ability for Admin to turn on / off Who's Online.

Upcoming features.

1 . Customer Signatures.
2 . When a post is edited by the user notify subscribed users.

There is a demo link and it can be downloaded from here

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Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:31 am
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