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[Released] eBay Auction Lister v2 for OpenCart 1.5.x INDIA

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:13 am
by usamayoo
eBay Auction Lister v2 India for Open cart 1.5.x was released.It is now available for purchase on Open cart Extensions areas.Also in this version we are utilizing VQMOD for Open Cart.As a result no core open cart files are modified.
Features of eBay Auction Lister V2 India are:
• Create auction template
• Modify auction template
• Delete auction template
• Verify a auction template
• List an auction using auction template
• Create a design for the template
• Create more than one template per product
• Templates can be stored for ever no 60 day limit as on eBay
• Good Till Canceled duration added
• Easy to use web installer
• Create professional looking listings
• Bulk List multiple items in single click
• Download eBay Categories
• Support for both Sandbox and Production Listing
• This INDIA version supports VQMOD ... on_id=5468