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Re: [RELEASED] SimonFilters 2.11.0-VQMOD Ajax Layered Naviga

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:21 am
by simonoop
Latest release notes!!!

-rewrote the main query modifier to support OC1.5.1
-fixed JavaScript bug. the local "clear filters" would be removed even if there were filters selected
-if "only current & childs" categories was selected, the module would ignore the list of allowed Categories!
-fixed bug that prevented the correct filters from showing when searching
-fixed bug that prevented the correct filters from showing when browsing manufacturers
-fixed issue on admin simonseesme feature.
-added support for OC1.5.5.x
-max_input_vars can be too low to support all the input fields generated in the admin. The module will issue a warning in those cases.
-a bug was forcing radio buttons in the "default" layout. fixed!
-you can now customize the names of the attributes and options heading names. A reset button will appear next to each customized name so you can reset it back to its default.
Only the default language will be affected by this. All other languages will echo the attribute/option default text.
-fixed a but on the query builder for sliders (thanks, Adrian!).
-fixed performance problem on homepage placement. An unecessary and potentially huge data access was being made to discover product_ids on the homepage. Removed and the logic was remade. Hopefully that'll be the end of gigantic cache files!
-added a very clever (HA!) "graceful default to last known good filters" when for some reason a filtering action returns no results!

Re: [RELEASED] SimonFilters 2.11.0-VQMOD Ajax Layered Naviga

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:11 pm
by simonoop
Another build to address the following issues.

-some servers don't have max_input_vars and return an empty string that would break javascript in the admin. fixed.
-price filters were being presented even when disabled in the admin. The chaos a missplaced parenthese can create!!! Agh!
-forgot to update admin language files for the code that needs to be added to index.php and admin/index.php; it was showing the code before the change of filenames from "filter" to "simonfilters". Silly me!
-fixed a bug in the built in save and stay. It was posting to the action of the first form found in the HTML but some third-party modules add another form and it would submit to the wrong place.
-the xml file would try to make changes to the main OC query even in routes not enabled in the admin. fixed!
-replaced version compare by PHP's core version_compare function
-a search can return enough products to crash OC's cache. Now product_id discovery will limit the query to the first 500 products.
-the passage from "filter" to "simonfilters" left some ghost values in the setting table. The admin will now purge old values from the database.

Re: [RELEASED] SimonFilters 2.12.0-VQMOD Ajax Layered Naviga

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:41 am
by simonoop
More developments:
-fixed a bug in the layout_id finder. would break if the module wasn't set up in at least one layout.
-fixed a bug in homepage placing for oc1551.
-removed catalog/model/setting/setting.php and admin/model/setting/setting.php from the release. Noone uses OC1.5.1.3 anymore! RIGHT? RIGHT! Placed it in an extras/settings folder. Thanks for the tip, Alexander!
-remade the client-side sorting function to use natural sorting algorithm
-fixed a bug in the main query builder for OC1.5.5.1
-added "more/less" button and scrollbar to manufacturers

SimonFilters 3.0

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:49 pm
by simonoop
Finally made a new release for simonfilters.
V3 is stable and compatible with both oc 1.5.x and oc 2.

30 day trial: