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Just Released! For Opencart 1.4.9.x (but update to 1.5.x soon)

Finally a simple helpful contribution to simplify your dropshipping orders management!

Everything can be fully checked on my demo site:
admin: demo/demo

Extension Store: ... on_id=3032

With this mod, it will be possible to enter a temporary drop ship location during checkout. This is done through the addition of a "dropshipping" checkbox to the new shipping address form. If the checkbox is selected, the entered address is added to order info (db table) but it is not saved in the customers address tables.

These addresses would only be good for the order at the time and not necessary to keep record of them for the customer. If they ship to a specific address all of the time they would just add that to one of their stored addresses.

In addition, order table has been modified adding a new dropshipping field (true/false) that would be true if the address used is a drop ship address. This way, the administrator would know it was being drop shipped.

The drop ship address would just replace the normal address for that order so that the shipping calculations are made on that drop ship address.

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