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[Released] [W]ebme Bought With This

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:55 am
by afwollis
Old price: $30
New Price: $15

Cost of license includes future updates.


This module allows you to display on the product page (under the basic information) other goods that are purchased with it.
Can be disabled.

Also - there is possibility enable display block of the module on the right or the left column.

Private configure the maximum number of displayed items for the block module in the right / left column and block module for basic information about the product.

Private adjust the image size for both variants display a list of items.

Eight versions of sorting goods at a sample!
Sort products can be:
  • 1. number of goods [from less - to more]
    2. the number of goods [from more - to less]
    3. the name [A - Z]
    4. name [Z - A]
    5. model [A - Z]
    6. model [Z - A]
    7. the quantity sold [from less - to more]
    8. the quantity sold [from more - to less]
By default, items are sorted by "the quantity sold [from more - to less]."

Opportunity to indicate the status of orders in which the module will look for goods purchased with the viewed.
By default - any status.

In all settings, is a description of the defaults - the optimum value for the module to the template default.

PM me if you want buy this module.