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This module allows visitors of your store compare products (check demo, link at the end of this post).

Besides the usual parameters for modules (state, location, sort order) these settings are available to you:
1) the maximum number of items for comparison;
2) image size for page comparison of the goods;
3) hiding / showing the side columns on a page of comparison goods;

and you have the opportunity to select information about the products (from the list provided) to be shown on the comparison page.

- - -

Changes in the module, not yet included but already done:
1. Products list style for module block:
  • a) remove icon, product name (default)
    b) product image, product name, remove icon
    c) remove icon, product image, product name
2. hide module block if no products selected for comparison;

Upcoming changes in the module:
1. [optional] save and show (in admin-section) statistic from each comparison.
You will be able to find out which products most often compared by your customers.

- - -

Screenshots in attached archive.

Live demo available here:
Near each product in categories and almost each module "two arrows"-icon - click it to add product for comparison.

Price: $30.

PM me if you want buy this module.


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Post by i2Paq » Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:50 pm

Great module!

I know, because I use it ;D

Can't wait for the log/statistics feature!

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