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If Opencart's standard shipping extensions isn't suitable for you, we are here to solve this problem.
We are also one of the Opencart's customers and using it's platform to serve our customers since 2011.
We created this extension to reduce some challenges that standard extensions customers experienced.

In our shipping extension, you can use all of the features in the same time or you can choose to use them separately.

If you are using a standard parcel when you're shipping your products, depending on the number of the items at the cart our extension calculate the required number of the parcels and the total price for those parcels.
You can use this feature as per item shipping rate.
e.g. Package size: 5 items, package shipping price: $10, if cart items 0-5 shipping price $10. If cart items 6-10 shipping price $20..
e.g. to use per item shipping rate; package size should be "1" and the package shipping price: $0,5 - if cart items 5 total shipping price $2,5

You can also set flat shipping price and combine with other options

You can set a free shipping price and combine with other options

All of the features mentioned above can be used for different countries and zones

Also you can configure all of the features for different tax classes

Easy to Setup
Easy to Customize
Total 5 Different featues
And Much More!


1) Package size and package shipping price
2) Flat shipping price
3) Free shipping price
4) Country and zone shipping price
5) Tax class shipping price
..and able to add new options

Ver. 2.0.x, 2.1.0.x,, 2.3.0.x

Extension: ... n_id=32957

Help then contact me
Skype: ucivii

Price: $20



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