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HackedCheck utility tool you will allow you to maintain a hash copy of all your files into mysql database.This was you can periodically check if any files unknown to you have been altered and if new files were uploaded by a hacker.

The utility detects your server root and then with click of a button creates hash of all your folder files.In future you can verify if current folder files have been modified by comparing the files stored in hash with the hash of files currently on the server.

Hope this utility will save hours of search of your public folder when hacked.This is a must have utility.

Great tool to identify if a phishing attack is being carried with your server as host of the attack.

The OpenCart HACKEDCHECK Utility Tool Version 1.0 has following feature

* Integrated into Opencart 2.3.x admin area
* Create hash of all files in your public folder
* Stores hash information into mysql database
* Verify changes and addition of new files using stored hash
* Simple to use interface
* Excluded image files and log files
* Live status display as has are created
* Live status as file are verified against hash
* Reports modified and new files information on screen

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