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[Released] Delivery Dates @ Postcode

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:49 am
by imdevlper18
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Delivery Dates Extension Based On Postcode Opencart


If you want to provide your customers option to choose delivery dates for order then this module can be useful for you.
And if you want to control the delivery dates based on shipping postcode then this extension should be best for you.


- Provide option at checkout for customers to choose delivery dates.
- Customers can select dates from calendar and also manually enter it.
- Feature to control delivery days based on shipping postcode.
- Feature to add pin codes for each day of the week.
- Smart way to add pin codes so it does not take time.
- Feature to make date field as optional or required.
- Feature to show delivery date in invoice.
- Feature to show delivery date on order page in admin.

What is different in this extension:
- Controlling delivery dates by pin code is necessary thing for many stores.
- But entering pin codes one by one is super complex.
- To make this super easy, we made simple to add postcode.
- In a week there are seven days.
- So for each day you can enter just the starting character of the pin code where you deliver.

Ex: You deliver to AB10 - AB82.
So just enter either AB or AB1, AB2, AB3, AB4, AB5, AB6, AB7, AB8

- If you don't deliver on specific day of week, then keep it empty.
- if you delivery to all pincodes on specific day of week then add the text "ALL".
- On store front customer can only select eligible dates based on admin setting.

Here is some issue, what is customer enters the date manually, How shall checking be done ?
- Well we also took care of that.
- We again check the date entered by customer when customer submits it.
- If it cannot be delivered, then we give them error warning.