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OpenCart Replaces Add to Cart with Your Affiliate Link is Professional tool for affiliate marketing with opencart - affiliate link instead of add-to-cart button. Best solution to sell affiliate products.


1. Using products in opencart as affiliate products - the extension replaces the add-to-cart button with your affiliate link
2. Multi language
2. Simple in use and powerful import / export tool for affiliate links + import / export of all products, categories, options, etc.
3. Support of all default modules and default theme
4. Click statistics on affiliate products
5. Keywords instead of affiliate links to increase keyword density for seo engines

How does it work?

- You can be an affiliate member of Amazon, Commission Junction, Apple or any other affiliate programm.
If you are not, there are plenty different affiliate programms which pays you for traffic, sales and so on.
Just find products you would like to promote.

- Every affiliate programm gives you affiliate links for their product.

- All you need is to create products in Opencart and attach affiliate links using our TOOL FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING.

- It's simple to add links in admin, or if you have thousands of products and affiliate links, use IMPORT / EXPORT tool
we attached for you to upload products within seconds.

For OpenCart 1.5.x –

Current version: 3.0.0


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