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What: adds the ability to upload and add new digital file Downloads directly on the Admin Product Form.

Where: new "Download" tab added to Admin Product From, which replaces the "Downloads" section on the "Links" tab

How: In the default OpenCart install, the Admin User must first upload all digital files on the "Downloads" page before they can select ones to link to a Product on the "Products" page. This extension allows the Admin User to upload and link a new Download to a Product DIRECTLY on the Admin Product Form. "Upload File" button is added to upload new files and "Add New" button creates the new Download link between the uploaded files and the Product.

More: Downloads list refreshes automatically via AJAX when new Download added (no full page refresh required); includes validation on new file fields; displays success & error messages

Looking for the ability to download digital files ("Downloads") on the Admin Order Info page? See "Admin Order Downloads Links" FREE vQmod extension at ... n_id=17377.

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