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Magic SEO URLs for OpenCart 1.4/1.5 4.2

Magic SEO URLs is well-know add-on in e-commerce communities such as PrestaShop, osCommerce, ZenCart, CRE Loaded or CubeCart.
Since 2006 Magic SEO URLs are being used by thousands of satisfied users from these communities. We help reach the top Google positions of a number of well-known companies ranging from large companies to entry-level start-ups and now this complete know-how is available to OpenCart users as well!.
  • Change dynamic URLs to static SEO friendly URLs
  • Generate well-structured URLs in relation to catalogue content
  • Include Multi-language mode and single language mode (this is one of the most famous feature - Magic SEO URLs are able to split your shopping cart to virtual directories containing language code - it looks like a separate stores to customers and crawler such as Google and allow website indexing by web crawlers in multiple languages)
  • Verify and validate each URL
  • Support safe changes of URLs
  • Support redirects from ALL original OpenCart URLs
  • Full control how Product and Category URIs look
  • Possibility to set source for key-words in URI (SEO Keyword field or Product/Category name in admin panel)
  • Possibility to set URI mode for products and CMS pages (products and cms pages can be placed in root directory, in structured categories or in a category they belong to)
  • Possibility to inject SKU code to product URI
  • Possibility to set delimiter in URIs between keywords
  • Possibility to set URIs file extension
  • Supports Apache, Microsoft IIS and nginx web servers!
The feature list is very long - this is just a quick summary!
You can see Magic SEO URLs for OpenCart in action at (running in multi-language mode, OpenCart 1.4) or (running in single-language mode, OpenCart 1.5).

Full feature list: ... art-v15-23


Code: Select all

Re-added order history support (OpenCart 1.5)

Improved MySQLi support

Inveo Loader 1.4.00 (corrupted files can no longer shutdown the shopping cart)
Optimized Rewrite Rules & RegExp
Significantly improved performance by PHP code optimization
Improved Greek language support

Breadcrumb and category tree menu now follow the user navigation for associated categories
Fixes links to products on the search page for recent OpenCart versions

Added more web robots
Improved PHP/Zend compatibility
Fixes a large number of issues

Added nginx rewrite support!
Added new URI mode for products which puts only the last category to product URIs
Added new URI mode for categories which put just the current category to category URIs (or the full category path)
In multi-language mode homepage with default language became (no longer contains language code such as /en/ is)!

Added PHP 5.4 support
Updated Inveo Magic SEO URLs Loader to 1.3.00

Improved multi-language switching
Improved OpenCart built-in SEO URLs redirects
Added ifmodule directive to avoid HTTP 500 error
Added auto mod_negotiation handling
Added auto GZIP compression handling
Added auto built-in SEO handling
Improved overall performance
Fixes a large number of tiny issues

Improved multi-store support
Improved specials support

Added Brands support! (OpenCart 1.5.x)

Improved search results product links

Fixed too indulgent search transformation code

Added OpenCart 1.5.x support!
Fixed a few tiny issues

3.0.00 (since 2.x Series)
all-in-one package with all character encodings included (with possibility to set preferred via includes/msu_tweak.ini file)
added PHP 5.3 support
added version to generated .htaccess file
added stand-alone Inveo Loader for loading optimized Magic SEO URLs packages versions (PHP 4.3 and higher, PHP 5.x and higher and PHP 5.3)
improved URLs key-word handling engine
improved apostrophe handling
improved HTTPS handling
improved code for loading settings
resolved several problems with cache initialization on buggy HTTP servers
resolved some warning messages

The Ultimate OpenCart SEO which brings your site up on Google (Magic SEO URLs for OpenCart thread).

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