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Customer Product Manager (CPM) / SaaS Membership Module version 2.1.0 released.
- Adds a front-end multi-vendor membership system to your store
- Transforms your store into a SaaS e-commerce website

Admin - (un: 'demo', pw: 'demo')
Store Front - (un:, pw: testmember) & (un:, pw: testcustomer)

Live Example:

- Member Accounts (aka "CPM Customer Accounts") are a special type of front-end account
- Members can manage Products through their front-end account using their own "Product Manager"
- Members can access an Image Manager to upload and manage images in separate private directories
- Member Accounts have extra fields like account name, description, image, and more can be configured
- Members page lists all enabled Membership Accounts with active products
- Member pages are SEO-compatible and display member profile and a list of their products
- Membership Account Registration and new Registration Lading pages added to the front-end
- Members can view two new reports through their account: Product Views and Sales History
- Members can update Order Status on orders that include their products
- Downloads are supported and can be created and configured per Member account
- Members can assign products to one or more stores (multi-store supported)

- Admin must approve products before they are visible in the store(s) and mass approval feature included
- Admin can link any new or existing product(s) to any Member Account
- Admin can configure max number of products to be managed per Member Account
- Admin can configure which data tabs (set of fields) are displayed on the front-end Product Managers
- Admin can set commission rate % to record on each product in an order
- Admin can configure up to 6 additional "custom text fields" for Member Accounts
- Admin can configure image upload settings (filesize, dimensions, etc) for Member Accounts
- Admin can configure private image upload directory and downloads directory for each Member Account
- Admin can set default values for Member Account settings
- Admin setting to send order alert email to Members who own the Products on the order

Ordering & Checkout
- Product image and Member Account Name columns added to Cart & Checkout page
- Product images, Member Account, and Commission columns added to: Order & Sales History pages
- No modification to payment processing; processed as per usual to the payment module selected

Easy to install, upgrade, and uninstall using database scripts built-in to the module.
Uses vQmod for changes and does not overwrite any files in the default OpenCart installation!

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