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Hi everyone,
This first time i want to sell my extension to opencart store.
If having any problem, help me to sell in the best, please. :D
Cost: 19$
Link to extension: ... n_id=12189
Demo site 1.Introduction
- Selling clothes? Selling Footwear? Acccessories? Or Technological product? What do you think if having multi- colours for your product as well as mutiple images for each colour? This Extension will bring special features for you. Would you like to own a smart program? Easy to install, easy to use and of course, It’s easy to contact me.
2. Feature
  • - Add more new colours in Options.
    - Upload image of product with matched colour.
    - Add colour for each product and each colour will be attached many images.
    - Sorting display image’s position.
    - Display colour of product at: \
    • + Category
      + Search
      + Product detail
      + Cart page
      + Check out page
      + History order
    - Click to choose colour and display matched image at page list products: Category/Search
    - Click to choose colour and display matched image at page list products: Product detail page.
3. Install & Setting product
Easy to install. No change core files
Step to install: ( Logout Admin if you’re logged in)
  • + Step 1: Download file zip và extract files
    + Step 2: Upload files & folders into original folders at your website
    + Step 3: Logged in again
    + Step 4: Go in Menu Catalog => Options => edit Colour. In this page, you can add or leave colors for product by images ( just support image now). Notice: Don’t change option Colour’s name
    + Step 5: Edit your product, go in Tab Options, add Options Colours into products, add colours for products in this tab option. Move to tab Image, add more pictures and choose colour matched with this picture. Then save
    + Step 6: F5 frontend and Enjoy.
4. Addons
  • - Comming soon
5. Questions/Answers
  • Q: Could I change any files when installing this module?
    A: No.This module use vQmod, they are completely automatic so you just only copy files and folders which is necessary into your original folder.
    Q: Can I add more new colours?
    A: Of course, you can add many many colours in menu Catalog =>Option.
    Q: I have added more images and more colours for each product but they did not display in frontend. Why?
    A: Uhm. You have to add colour in tab option.

Easy to install. Easy to use so what need you do is contact to me and enjoy its service routine. You will be satisfied.



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I just creating modules to Increase Your Sales.

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Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:53 pm

Post by hamza2244 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:14 am

i have purchased Multi images for Color -PRO opencart version i am using is i have custom theme install and when i add your extention it give error when i click any product page link Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/maqsood/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_view_theme_rgen-cupid_template_product_product.tpl on line 170 Cupid by Rgen is the theme
i have looked into it and every time i add the product_by_colour.xml
file it start giving error
also i am not understanding how to use it

like in the demo photo the iPhone has complete different photos when black color is chosen and when white color is chosen the photos are different , i want to know how to arrange that .



Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:12 am
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