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Buy it here:Order Tracking System

VQMod is required, NO OpenCart Core File will be replaced!
Super easy install and use.

What does this extension do for you with ease?
1, Bulk Import Tracking number(using excel format,quick and efficiency);
2, Bulk update order status to “Shipped” or others if you want(You can set the order status after import tracking number in the setting)
3, Bulk Notify Customers with tracking info including shipping method,tracking number,tracking website(You can preset the comment in the setting too!)

Excel format download from here: ... system.xls

Play with the demo here:You can import the tracking number,but you can not update or delete the global tracking system setting.
Order Tracking System setting located in: Extensions - Modules - Order Tracking System
Import tracking number located in: Sales - Orders

support : see in the download

Buy it here:Order Tracking System

We dedicated to give you the best OpenCart extension.
See all of our works below here: ... name=bingo

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One Page Checkout Standard - Best one page checkout solution,separate module,no core files replace.
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