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Price input helper is an admin tool that allows to quicly enter price in many situations where calculator would be needed.
Special price input field is added on product edit page where alternate price can be entered. Product price gets utomatically calculated based on the multiplyer you define. The operation can be performed also the other way around - enter product price and the helper will show you the modified price. This works for all price entries.

Current version: 1.0 with introductory price

Tested on Opencart,, unchanged admin template. Should work on other 1.5.x versions. Feed back welcome.
Demonstration: Edit any product to see in action

  • possibility to edit and save the price modifyer (or myltiplyer) in the module settings.
  • helper field available in all places where the price input is done:
    • product price
    • options prices
    • discounts prices
    • special prices
  • calculated price is automatically rounded to 4 rounding digits
  • does not overwrite any file at installation
  • time saver for those, who need calculate price without tax manually for each product, or want to chage the price by some multiplyer.
Other possible applications of extension:
  • if you want to enter (or see) the price in other than store default currency
  • if you want the prices be rounded to integer value after tax is applied
  • if your source prices are with VAT and you want automatically them converted to price without VAT
  • if you know your cost of you product and automatically calculate the price by multiplying with some number.
  • show another price along the product price in product list in admin.
  • your feedback on how you use is welcome...
Possible(*) new features
  • ability to disable helper for some areas (options, discounts, prices)
  • ability to have more than one multiplyer
  • which can be selected on the product edit page during product edit
  • use price helper field to enter multiplyer (not price) and the new price will be displayed.
  • ability to select colors for fonts
  • substract and add
  • ... more ideas from you ...
(*) Future feature development is based on your votes/comments. I'll continue the development if the average rating will be 5 stars :). The ones who puchased module get upgrades for free.

Longer Description

Initially it was designed for the store owners who new what their product price has to be after taxes applied. The issue for them was to manually calculate the price without tax every time (that is how Opencart works by default). If this is your situation, then this module is definately for you. You will not waste your time anymore for calculating the right price on the calculator.

This modification adds a helper field next to the price field at all locations where the price input is available. You just enter the price which you want your customers see and the price field will be automatically updated according to the price modifyer (or multiplyer).

Keywords: price with tax, price with vat, second price, alternate price, admin tool, efficiency, productivity



vQmod is required to run this module. Contact me if custom implementation is needed or you have modified product edit page template.


This cannot be easier:[*]backup store files (as you should do always)[*]upload all files from upload folder to your store root. Nothing is overwritten.[*]Install the module as usually from the Extensions-->Modules by installing Price input helper

If your admin panel is not in English and you want it in your native language, you need to copy and modify the module language file admin/language/english/module/price_input_helper.php and store in the respective language directories.


You can change the modifyer (or multiplyer) in the store administration under the module settings.Extensions-->Modules and edit Price input helper

You can use it during editing the product via the product form.

Version history

1.0. Initial verison




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