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Current Version: v1.00

OpenCart Versions: - 1.5.2.x

Demo: View the customer side or the admin side (login: piecemaker // piecemaker)

To purchase: Visit OC Extension Shop

This module is designed to fill the need for customizable and multilingual flash image rotator adjustable from the Opencart admin panel.

All possible PIECEMAKER V2 settings can be done from within the opencart admin back-end! No coding is needed.

This module is what you need to make your shop pop out of the mass. Choose from the enormous amount of possibilities. Define your desired transition, add shadow effects, set the color to match your shops theme and many many more - with simple words - make it look and feel the way you want it!

Droconut PIECEMAKER unobtrusively joins into your Opencart Shop banner system and gives you the option to add caption / description texts to your image rotator.

Feature List:
  • Range of use: Flash (SWF) Image Rotator PIECEMAKER V2
  • 40+ different 3D transitions
  • each transition individually customizable
  • Full control over settings in OC administration
  • Load of convenience features (AutoMargin, image size adaptation ...)
  • Multilingual captions
  • Caption / description text per Image
  • Seamless integration into OC banner system
  • Banner image collocation (sort order)
  • Banner image resizing (letterbox / pillarbox; cropping; no resizing)
  • Ajax featured save option (still beta)
  • Banner dimension hint on PIECEMAKER module page
  • Easy installation - you only need to upload the files and click "install" on the module page! All the work inside the OC database is done by the module. Captions will work for old banners as well

    Droconut PIECEMAKER is built to work alongside with any template you already have for your shop and is compatible with other Droconut products. If at some point you would need assistance, i will be glad to help.
Screenshots (admin panel):

Droconut PIECEMAKER module - piecemaker_admin_01.png (70.87 KiB) Viewed 544 times


Droconut PIECEMAKER module - piecemaker_admin_02.png (46.93 KiB) Viewed 544 times


Opencart Banner page (showing caption and sort oder) - piecemaker_admin_03.png (48.12 KiB) Viewed 544 times

Droconut SLIDERS v1.23 - customizable image and content slider with caption
Droconut PIECEMAKER v1.00 - customizable PIECEMAKER V2 with caption

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