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Current Version: v1.23

OpenCart Versions: - 1.5.2.x

Demo: View the customer side or the admin side (login: sliders // sliders)

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This module is designed to fill the need of a flexible image and content slideshow (slide, fade, ticker, carousel) adjustable in the Opencart administration panel. The module uses 3 different jQuery based image sliders (NIVO slider, bxSlider and DIAPO slider) from which the user can choose freely. All possible options and settings for all 3 sliders are available in the administration. No need to change or hard-code the source .php and .tpl files.

Droconut SLIDERS unobtrusively joins into your Opencart banner system and gives you the option to add caption / description texts in full HTML to your slideshow AND set a banner sort order!

Feature List:
  • Range of use: Javascript Image / Content - Slidshow; Fader; Ticker; Carousel
  • 3 different jQuery image sliders (NIVO, BX, DIAPO) at your disposal in one module
  • Full control over slider settings in OC administration panel
  • HTML caption support in all sliders (multilingual)
  • Caption / description text per Image
  • jQuery easing (except NIVO slider)
  • Seamless integration into OC banner system
  • Banner image collocation (sort order)
  • Automatically generated thumbnails (NIVO, DIAPO)
  • Banner image resizing (standard letterbox / pillarbox; cropping; no resizing)
  • Ajax featured save option (no need to navigate into the module again after saving)
  • Description text per slider type (NIVO, BX, DIAPO) - field of application; pros / cons
  • Banner dimension hint on SLIDERS module page
  • Easy installation - you only need to upload the files and click "install" on the module page! All the work inside the OC database is done by the module. Captions will work for old banners as well
Screenshots (admin panel):

Droconut SLIDERS module - sliders_admin_01_small.png (82.11 KiB) Viewed 2135 times


Droconut SLIDERS module (settings opened) - sliders_admin_02_small.png (190.61 KiB) Viewed 2135 times


Opencart Banner page (showing caption and sort oder) - sliders_admin_03_small.png (83.15 KiB) Viewed 2135 times

Droconut SLIDERS v1.23 - customizable image and content slider with caption
Droconut PIECEMAKER v1.00 - customizable PIECEMAKER V2 with caption

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